After five years in a top secret R&D environment, GroundWOW® SPECIAL FX finally launched to the world in October 2019. The world famous Saltex exhibition was the setting for a global reveal with organisations flying in from around Europe and further afield to get eyes on a technology that is already making serious noise on industry grapevines. The founding mission of the company was to make printing on ground as easy as printing on paper and that is exactly what the company has done. GroundWOW® SPECIAL FX can print any logo, any colour, any size, on any surface. Deployable in under 10 mins, autonomous vehicle technology, artificial intelligence, and an end-to-end Cloud SAAS (Software As A Service) platform combine to create ground-printed images as accurate as a blade of grass. WOW!

GroundWOW customers will be the first in the World to have the power of full colour autonomous AI printing at their disposal for sports sponsorship and advertising applications, delivering compelling executions and unlocking revenue from dormant or underutilized real estate. The technology required to achieve this is formidable and yet not only has it been done, it achieves the amazing result of being both time and cost efficient versus conventional ground marking methods.

The first public outing for GroundWOW exceeded expectations in so many ways. It was a perfect unveiling for the whole company and especially so for those members of the team who have been on the journey since day one. Like any serious players, the team were straight back to hard work the day after the exhibition and are energised and excited to be entering deep dialogue with world class organisations around the globe as part of a partnership approach to selling. Please sign up to our newsletter if you would like to be kept informed as we build on incredible beginnings in the weeks and months ahead.