It has been a couple of weeks since our return to work after Christmas break and we have already been racking up a few miles in the new decade. First week back it was London ahead of travelling a bit further last week to attend the 31st Sports Turf Managers Association exhibition in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Word about what we are doing has travelled quickly across the industry grapevine and so we were in Florida to meet a number of high-quality organisations who had expressed interest in GroundWOW’s world first technology. We call it the missionary work and we are always delighted to travel and spend whatever time it takes to talk contacts and future clients through the benefits of our technology.

Forty eight hours later and the palm trees were just a distant memory. Back at GroundWOW Global Headquarters and it is an unrelenting pace as we gear up for making our first deliveries in the early months of this year. We are also busy preparing for a major event in the weeks ahead which we will talk more about nearer the time.

As we work into the months ahead, we do so with a consistent message from the marketplace ringing in our ears – namely that a lot of forward thinking sports and venues are being tasked to embrace technology and create alternative good value “inventory” for sponsors and event partners. Our messaging around simplicity of set-up, cost and time efficiency will all get somebody’s attention but maybe nothing says it as well as our strapline:

We Make Printing On Ground As Easy As Printing On Paperâ„¢